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Beginning of the 70', "Triumph" launch a new version of his famous "Spitfire" Triumph Spitfire
1966 - "Honda" launch the CL-160; a 4 times bi-cylinder Honda
End of the 60' comparative advertising was raging, here "Volvo" don't hesitate to compare the price of his P1800 to the one of "Ferrari" and d'"Aston Martin", and his consumption to the one of "Volkswagen" Volvo
Who knows this car brand sold in USA in the 50' : "Arnolt-Bristol" ? Arnolt Bristol
"AC", spark manufacturer, claims to fit out the "Chevrolet Corvette Shark" Bougies AC
September 1943 - In depth war, "Delco" is proude to announce that he fit out military vehicules too Delco
A present advertising from "Mercedes-Benz", in this kind of announcement there is no real message, the only goal is to recall the existence of the mark Mercedes Benz
We're remembering this slogan from "CitroŽn" from 80' Citroen
1948 - "Ariel", British bike manufacturer, announce in the magazine "Motor Cycling" the launch of a 1000cc Ariel
In 1973 at "Toyota", a 5 speeds gearbox was a commercial argument Toyota
Chevrolet in the 50', un V8 180 HP for a family four-door Chevrolet
1999 - "Ford Focus" car of the year, multitude of technical details in this magazine advertising Ford Focus
1940 - "Buick Townmaster Sedan", note the displayed price is only avalaible if you take the car at the Flint factory, because of distances in USA, forecast an consistant additional charge Buick Townmaster Sedan
"Royal Enfield" another british bike manufacturer missing today , as his sister members : Norton, BSA, Ariel, Sunbeam, Triumph and others it didn't resist to the Japanese invasion Royal Enfield
2001 - "Mercedes-Benz" insist on his experience of making cabriolet Mercedes Benz
"Webers", carburetor manufacturer, quote automobiles brands using his products in the 60' Webers
"Peugeot" try an inroad to the american market without soccess in the 60' Peugeot
1997 - "Aprilia" Italian bike manufacturer launch his "Scarabeo" in pleasant companionship, Italian style in fact Aprilia
1958 - Studebaker-Packard launch the 3 style cars; "President, Commanders and Champions" Studebaker Packard
1986 - Nissan launch the "300ZX", if somebody can explay to me this slogan : "pace car for the performance generation" Nissan
"Dunlop", formerly we found this painted advertising on the walls alongside the roads like "Suze", "Byhr" or "Vichy-Cťlestins" advertisings Dunlop
1977 - On this advertising relatively recent without it's being apparent, "Aircommand" pride the credit of his CBs, it seems that american law was just authorizinging 40 chanels, like in France later Aircommand
The famous "CroisiŤre Jaune" (yellow cruse) from "CitroŽn"; Paris-Beijing across Hymalaya on half-track, a proof of hardlyness Croisiere Jaune
"Peugeot 505", the brand do it moderate for this advertising Peugeot 505
"Arvin", at the end of 40', americans already get car radio Arvin
"Shell", a shield for your motor Shell
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