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Maximumwall : Less wallpapers here than the previous site, but nice site.

Fond-Ecran-Image : Wallpapers thematically classified: Chrismas, Valentine, Halloween, Movies, Landscapes (beach, sun...), TV Series, cars, drawings, computer, art, animals. : Very nice wallpapers here: arts, drawings, cinema, TV, music, computing, sports, festivities, earth, transports. Don't count on the displaying quality of the pictures on the site which is bad, but on your disk the wallpaper will be fine.

Imagimo : Hundreds of wallpapers classified (Animals, Cars, Ladies, Men, 3D and much more).

Coolgraph : Ressources graphism 2D et 3D. Wallpapers made with "vue d'esprit" et "photoshop" and a rubric about logo creation.

Wallpaper Stock - You can find a nice selection of pictures in many categories. They are meant for desktop wallpapers, but they work as stock photos as well.

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