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2 Textured - Free textures for digital artists and designers.

3DElyvisions - downloadable JPG textures for creating virtual realities.

3D Rekonstruktionen - Downloadable textures for roof, brick, floor, glass, sandstone, and others.

3D Valley - The Textures on 3D Valley are unique to this site.

AAA Free Background and Textures - Find over 2000 free textures and backgrounds for your website including Photoshop textures!

Absolute Background Textures - The largest collection of free textures on the net as well as Photoshop textures.

Absolute Cross - Seamless Textures. There are 10 separate "Texture Packs" for you to choose from, each one containing 50 original seamless textures ( Photoshop textures )

Amazing Textures - A beautiful texture library that has hundreds of free textures to download, high-resolution textures, images, backgrounds, wallpapers and texture maps. Check out their massive collection of Tiled Textures or see their users' Top Textures.

Andromeda Techtures Filter - $109 - Not just another texture library - Techtures offers over 500 hand rendered tiles which can be modified using "engines" within the filter and dozens of instant special effects: Smoke, Stars, Explosions, Water Droplets, Lightening, Embossing, and dimensional and environmental texturing.

Archibase Architectural Portal - Browse Categories and Download Free Quality 3D Textures.

Archive Textures - Over 3500 free quality textures for download.

Arroway Textures - 60 professional multi-layered textures in high resolution. See details for a catalog with preview, demo rendering and further information for each texture. Each map is available in 360 kilopixel resolution for free download.

Back of Beyond - Back of Beyond's textures are free to download for any commercial or non commercial use. They are approximately 2048x1536 and are optimised jpg's alternatively you can purchase the entire collection on CD/DVD for £15 the images on this version are not optimised jpg's so the quality is a little better.

Ben Cloward's Texture Archive - Ben Cloward loves taking pictures of items that have texture and you can benefit from his site.

Blender Texture CD - A variety of different types of textures for Blender.

Blender Texture Library - A collection of opensource textures by the Blender community that you may use free of charge.

Boogaholler - Photographic Textures - These can be used as 3D model surfaces, backgrounds or to hang on your wall. For seamless textures.

Celestia Motherlode - This page contains textures for Earth's Moon.

CG Arena - You can download free textures from CGArena to use in your projects.

Cinema 4D Textures - A repository of Cinema4D textures. - Here you will find a wide range of textures. For use e.g. for your 3D program, your desktop or your homepage.

CG Textures - The world's largest free textures site.

David Gurrea - The materials posted on this website were made between 1994 and 1998 and they were David's first jobs as a Texture Artist. You can find different quality textures, and a lot of variations made for specific uses. These textures were made out of painting over paper ( with gouache ) and computer retouch.

Digital Artshop - Our range of Photoshop textures, backgrounds and other resources are available for download from our online store. All of our current textures and backgrounds can also be purchased on two CDs.

Doug Turner - Some of the textures on this site are completely finished and tileable, while others are just a good starting point.

Free 3Ds and Textures - A free online resource for high quality, large resolution textures.

Free Art Textures - Free textures including textures of Metal, Stone, Wood, Textiles ...

Free Textures Dot Org - Download hundreds of free high quality textures .

Got 3D Textures and Models - Got 3D takes thousands of photographs each year for their products. Because of time or quality, most never see the light of day. Got 3D are making these textures available to help everyone.

Grunge Textures - A growing collection of free high resolution quality images ready for you to download including Aircraft Aluminum, Asphalt Textures, Brick Textures, Concrete Textures, Drains, Vents, & Grates, Grafetti & Vandalism Textures, Metal Textures, Mud, Clay & Earth, Old Machinery, Paper & Cardboard Textures, Peeling Paint Textures, Rusted Metal Textures, Spills & Splatter Textures, Stone Textures, Trash & Garbage Textures, Wood Textures, and other Distressed Surfaces.

The Fat Strawberry - This site features seamless tiling textures for web backgrounds, 3D projects, game mods, scrap booking, prettying up your My Space page and countless other uses.

Hyperfocal Terrains - Features over 90 ultra high resolution textures such as grass, rock, sand, dirt, gravel and more! All available as 2048X2048 high quality jpegs.

Imagecels View thumbnails of over 2,500 royalty free tileable Texture Maps and photo-realistic clip art libraries

Image After - In the 'texture' directory you can expect free high resolution textures of metals, floors, skin, wood, rock, walls etc. Mostly photographic textures.( texturas, texturen, texture) All textures can be freely downloaded and used in you commercial or personal works. The size of the textures range from 1600x1200 to 2560x1920.

Infinity Textures is a powerful texture designer and generator

Julianne's Background Textures - 50 different swatch overviews. Each overview has 10 different swatches.

Klicker - A collection of free textures.

KTN 3D Textures - Here you will find many different types of textures. Some are your traditional and some are way off from that.

Lugher Texture - Download free and beautiful textures for your 3d projects or image editing projects. Here you can download all types of texture maps that you need to use in your software, such as Cinema 4D, LightWave, Maya, 3D Studio MAX, Rhino, Bryce, Poser, 3D Studio R4, or others.

Marlin Studios - Home of the world's greatest texture maps and 3D model libraries.

Mayang's Free Textures version 10 - Have over 1750 free to download, free to use, high-resolution textures.

Medieval Texture Pack - The crazy bat has put down his melon gun and given up on paypal and decided to release his medieval textures to the world under the creative commons license. That means you can download and use them as you like if you make sure I'm in the credits and you don't resell them as textures.

Mega Tex - High quality textures for free download.

Mutation Abstraction - 2000 Royalty-Free Textures on CD-ROM

MXM Gallery - This site has been created as a meeting point for those who want to share their Maxwell materials with other users. You will find hundreds of wonderful materials to use in your scenes.

Photo Textures - Great photographs that can be used for textures.

Pixel Poke - Free 2D and 3D textures.

Planit 3D - PlanIT3D free 3d models textures sound fx tutorials and architectural resources

Planet Quake - Download these textures for use in real time game modifications and other 3d applications.

Seamless Factory is easy to use texture maker which accurately stitches images into seamless patterns.

Shebob's Texture Factory - Textures of rust, metals, slime, and wood, files are in .PCX and JPG format.

Stock Textures - High quality, photorealistic, tileable, and free textures.

Textura - All of these textures were created completely in Photoshop, using PS tools.

Texture Bits - The free texture library.

Texture King - Huge number of free quality textures from Texture King.

The Texture Barn - Royalty-free textures for computer graphics, illustration, game design and everything else.

Texture Library - Collection of all of the textures that are avaiable on the Internet for free

Texture Love - Bringing you the feels you’ve been looking for.

Texturemonk - Home of one of the Largest collections of Quality Seamless Realistic textures!

Textures Pedramk - High quality texture maps.

Texture Processor is the unique program for creating various textures.

Texture Warehouse - Free, High Resolution Textures to Designers and 3D Artist. Our images are licensed under a Creative Commons License(Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0). Their textures are updated frequently.

Texture Workshop- (Free to Try, $25 to Buy, Windows) - is a multifunctional toolbox which allows to turn practically any picture into a repeatable tile very quickly and easily. Such tiles are used as backgrounds of webpages, as wallpapers, as textures for 3D objects and for many other purposes.

Textures to the Max - Our flexible materials let you create an amazing variety of great composed materials quickly and easily, put corrosion, dust, or dirty aspects the way you want them using our special tileable masks and materials libraries as template settings.

Texture Vault - A great textures site and it has a great selection of high resolution photo based textures.Textures to serve the entertainment industry.

Texturenwelt - in German, but it looks like a great texture site.

Texture Z - Discover the wonderful colors and textures of the world! Texture Z has quite a few free texture photos for you!

The RealTexture Library - Over 1300 high-resolution photorealistic texture patterns.

Wild Harmony Studio Textures - Here you will find hundreds of free textures and stock photographs. They are free for use for almost any purpose

WWA - huge amount of wood textures for download.

Z7Server Free Textures - On this website you can find more than 1350 texture to download. textures on this site are divided into catalogue.Excelent use is as background, in games graphich, or in 3D programs and so on..

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