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Hotscripts : Impressive ! 9000 PHP scripts, 4400 CGI, 3100 ASP, 1900 Javascript, 1550 Java, Flash, C and C++ and more'n more.

PHPscripts : A lot of PHP scripts but some ohters languages scripts.

PHP.Resourceindex : 3256 scripts in 250 categories.

Trucsweb : Tutorials for the main programming languages used on the net, scripts to download, forums categorized by programming languages.

CGIExpo : As the name says, but PHP and Javacript scripts too, 4900 scripts the author says.

Nexen : Tutorials, forum and PHP scripts.

PHPinfo : Tips and Tricks more than 166 PHP scripts.

PHPindex : All documentation about PHP, download the sources, libraries, linux packages, Apache, Xitami, MySQL...

Allhtml : In spite of his name, this site talk about all languages used on the WEB.

Devdaily : Site oriented Java and PERL.

Freewarejava : A good place to download applets (814 today).

Scriptsearch : Web Developpers, don't pass round this site, plenty resources on all web languages.

Developer : Actuality for Web développer, press articles, news...

Usefull Links Menu