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Fonts for Flash (top pick) - Pixel fonts for Flash developers. Over 40 fonts! Type small clear text in your Flash websites and make them look as crisp as HTML text. Free pixel fonts and trial versions available.

007 Fonts and Logos - Welcome to 007Fonts & Logos! Hundreds of Freeware and Shareware fonts! Create Instant Logos, just click on a font thumbnail! Enjoy this absolutely free service!

1001 Free Fonts - 1001 Free fonts for both the MAC and PC platform. Also there are tutorials, software, text fx, and more.

High Fonts - The site with all the best free fonts on the net. (Mac and PC)

4Yeo - Featuring the work of the best font designers, and creating -for Your eyes only- unique animations with their fonts

ABCWebWorx - offers over 2000 free Truetype fonts for your PC as well as freeware and shareware font editors, managers, viewers and other utilities.

Absolute Fonts Archive - Now with 5,015 high quality, attractive fonts for use in web pages, desktop publishing or word processing.

Acid Fonts - Free Fonts - Huge free fonts archive of 4000 fonts free for download at Acid Fonts (Mac and PC)

Akbar Fonts - Typeface based on the handwriting of the Simpsons' creator Matt Groening.

All-4-Free Fonts - a brand-spanking new archive of freeware fonts and dingbats for PCs and Macs

Anthem Type - Basic Grunge Fonts ... some are pay and some are free.

Beautiful Fonts - Beautiful Fonts offers a large collection of free true type fonts for Windows.

Bionic Type - Free original fonts made for fun.

Blah Fonts - Free PC Fonts for the grabbing.

Blue Vinyl Fonts - Original Free Fonts and clip art free for download

BT Graphics Fonts - provides 1000's of searchable FREE FONTS

BV - BV has over 40 original freeware fonts in our collection! All of which are mostly extended character sets! (Mac and PC)

Caffeen Fonts - One of the Internet's original free font foundries features very different, cool typefaces to download.

Celtic Fonts - Free celtic fonts.

Cheapskate Fonts - Nice selection of free fonts.

Cool Archive - There are over 950 free fonts. The fonts work both on PCs and Macs.

Dingbat Depot - Dingbat Depot is the largest source of free dingbat fonts on the Internet!

The Dingbat Pages - Definitive archive of PC truetype dingbat fonts.

Disturbed Type - Help yourself to some PC or Macintosh fonts.

Divide by Zero - This is a collection of TrueType fonts which I've created for fun. You can use them for free to do anything you want, you just can't take the fonts and resell them (on a CD, for instance).

e@loha - Free PC True-Type Font Paks & Font Utilities...

Emeral City Fontwerks - A young type foundry with a growing collection of over 30 shareware, freeware and clipfont releases. - Free true type fonts.

EZGoal - Free and shareware fonts.

Foam Train Fonts - These fonts are free for non-commercial use only.

Fontalicious Fonts! - Free quirky fonts and dingbats.

Font-A-Sea - This is a select group (100+) of freeware and shareware fonts & dingbats found on the web

Font Empire - A website containing a large collection of 1000s TrueType fonts.

Font File - The most extensive collection of dingbats and fonts on the Internet

Font Files - FlatFont PI has spent years tracking down the web's BEST FREE FONTS for you to spice up your web pages, documents, and emails. FlatFont hopes that you enjoy your stay, and return often.

Font Free - Your place on the Internet for (you guessed it) free fonts. Take some time to sit back and browse the hundreds of free fonts that we have listed.

Font Face - FontFace provides genuine truetype fonts for the pc as well as macintosh fonts. Every day there is a new font.

FontHead Design - We currently offer 115 fonts across nine volumes. Each collection is unique and contains a wide assortment of styles. Take a look right now by selecting a volume on the right. Both Free and Buy Fonts.

Font Mania - 100% Free Fonts

FontMonster - Free downloads of a huge variety of great font designs for PC and Mac.

Font Party - Thousands of Mac and PC fonts, all the best designers! Find a font using the alphabetical listing, search, or Random Font Generator!

Font Pool - Browse & Search 17,124 Fonts

Fontronics - Welcome to Fontronics, the nexus for half-assed font concepts. Our goal is simple: to provide men and women with fonts of the poorest quality and craftspersonship.

Fonts for Design - Home of the Fonts For Design Collection

Fonts and Things - A collection of the most unusual fonts online.

Fontseek - We just add more than 7.000 commercial fonts to our font search engine. Now our font data bank contains more than 55.000 fonts.

Font Site - A monthly web magazine devoted to digital typography and graphic design, offering free fonts, fonts for sale, feature articles by well-known writers and industry insiders and an extensive listing of resources related to fonts and design.

Font Warehouse - The aim of the Font Warehouse is pretty simple, there are a lot of good font sites out there, but they all seem to organise the fonts alphabetically. This is great if you know the name of the font you're looking for, but useless if you're looking for a typewriter style font but don't know the names of any. Enter the Font Warehouse !!

Font Zone - Here at FontZone we've got hundreds of fonts just waiting for you. They're all either freeware or shareware and compressed in zip-files so they take up less space and are easier for you to download

Free Font - Download for free: SoftMaker's Free Font Of The Month, and MegaFont Starter Edition (50 add'l truetype fonts) -- all fonts including hand-crafted Euro signs

Freaky Fonts - the place for homemade Windows bitmap and truetype fonts.

Free Font Downloads - Thousands of free fonts to use in your project. 

Free Typewriter Fonts - Here you'll find more than 70 different typewriter fonts.

G:Fonts - Austrian fonts site with TrueType and Post Script 1 fonts that include handwriting, vintage typewriter, gothic and several others.

Graffiti Fonts - Your #1 Source for Graffiti fonts on the web.

Grunge Fonts - This archive specializes in Grunge fonts. Call them damaged, distorted, distressed, or smashed, we love them all!

Hand Grenade - Time to Pull the Pin. About 15 Freeware Fonts.

Harold's Fonts - Welcome to my collection of original computer fonts which you can easily download, install, and use on your computer! New fonts & more every month.

Iconian Fonts - Fonts are for the PC and Mac and are free for noncommercial uses

ID Automation - provides bar code and automation products including Barcode Fonts, ActiveX Controls, DLLs, .NET Forms Controls, ASP.NET Server Controls, Java Servlets & Class Libraries, components, encoders and barcode hardware such as bar code scanners and printers.

I Shot the Serif - Free Fonts - These are TrueType fonts that I have made. You can download them all for free.

Jack's Scribal and Epigraphic Fonts - These fonts were designed for the classroom or for publications where original scribal or epigraphic script would be more desireable than transcriptions.

Kat Gyrls - Unusual freeware and shareware fonts, plus font utilities and managers for Win95, 98 and NT

Larabie Fonts (top pick) - All the fonts on this site were created by me, Ray Larabie. They're all free for commercial use and some have extended “Deluxe” families for sale

Laxxes Fonts - Several free fonts that can be downloaded both in TrueType and Type1 format.

Lettering Delights - Creative and Fun fonts absolutely perfect for announcements and scrapbooking.

Lord Kyle's Fonts - Medieval & Fantasy Fonts

Moorstation - Manfred Klein's freeware fonts are available here.

Misprinted Type - Experimental freeware type and edgy images

My Fonts - is your complete online source for finding, trying, and buying fonts.

Nie Fonts - Collection of fonts described by category and preview is available with font's effects.

PackRat Fonts and DropCaps - dropcaps and dingbats and all sorts of uncommon fonts included.

ParaType - Multilingual font library ParaType offers you the best typeface support with Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, Greek, Georgian and Hebrew fonts for Macintosh and Windows platforms.

Phils Fonts - A great resource for type and graphic software. Visit the virtual typehouse, learn and have fun.

Pixilate - These are fonts made by me which I've put up here so you can download and enjoy them. You can use them for any personal use.

PizzaDude - Get a slice of Free Fonts.

Robot Johnny - The following fonts are free to download and can be used by your PC or Mac computer.

SketchPad Free Fonts Archive - Mike's Sketchpad free fonts archive.

Square Gear Productions - Matthew Welch's website and the home of I Shot the Serif Free Fonts

Type a Design - From here, you can download Mac or Windows demo versions of our original fonts Marty's Dingbits, Toontime, and Zoink. All Type A demo fonts have a fully usable character set.

Type Art Foundry - This site focusses on fonts and typography. There are fonts, a reference library, ongoing typesetter and type design tips, and a typography game called Name that Font! PC and MAC fonts - The Web's BIGGEST Typography Resource. At last count, has over 6000 FREE fonts including movie/music fonts, dingbats, foreign alphabet fonts, a glossary, typographic books and articles, and more.

tvWorld - a neat source for true type fonts and interesting designs. Come and take a look around.

Unfontunately - Cool grungy fonts

Web Font List - Free Font Public Library of 3000 fonts free for download from Web Font List!

Who Fonted -An archive of over 2500 free true type fonts.

1000 Fonts : A lot of fonts with preview.

Dafont : Free fonts to download, thematic classification. : A site about lettering, comics, handwriting and calligraphy.

Font HQ : + 2000 fonts to download.

Downloadfreefonts : Really easy browsing and some nice fonts to pick up.

Acidfonts : A lot of fonts to take here, and some utilities like a Mac / Windows fonts converter.

Fontface : Well produced website with a large choice of fonts, alphabetical order classification, for Mac'n Windows.

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