logosLogos Bank
Free database of 52 000 trademark, administrative, governmental, sportive and associative logos in "Adobe" vector format (.ai) or Post-Script (.eps), from "Adidas" to "Zippo" via "Cartier" or "Kawasaki".
Symboles Pictogrammes
Symbols, Pictograms
Tourism, textil maintenance coding, transports, health, Dangerous goods, sports, sécurity, leisures, recycling, INRS, accessibility infos, hostelry, food, road signs...in vector format too of course.
Cliparts IllustrationsWeekly Vector Cliparts
a selection of quality vectorial cliparts updated every week. All Downloadable files are in zipped "Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or "EPS" format.
Flags, Coats of Arms
Flags, Coats of Arms
Cities, provinces, nations, states, countries, all is classified acc- ording alphabeti- cal order. Nota : due to page setting some flags previews could be distorted but the vector file wont.
Maps database where you will find historical maps, planispheres, Mercator ground plan, relief map... All maps are in "eps" "ai" "cgm" "wmf" vector format, it's very difficult to find quality vector map, if you get some informations about, please tell me what about.
Free fonts to download to use in yours favourite softwares (Office, Photoshop, Corel...). These are Windows fonts but you will find a free font converter Windows / Mac.
FootballFootball Emblems
Clubs flags, national or international associations classification zones UEFA, CAF, CONCACAF, AFC, OFC et CONMEBOL, competitions logos.
Marine Signal Flags
International Marine Signal Flags
How the vessels communicate without radio, download the signal flags and learn what it means.
Graphism PhotoshopGraphism Photoshop
We turn on bitmap area here, all stuff about Photoshop and PSP, download filters, tools, scripts, brushes, lightnings...
Old Style Advertising"Old Style" Advertising
Glance the evolution of the advertising through the time and rediscover advertising from your childhood.
High resolution creative wallpapers almost created with Photoshop. Size up to 1920x1326 pixels.
What Are Vector Graphics ?
Most images that you see on a Website are raster graphics ; images made up of little dots (pixels) of color. If you were to take a gif or jpeg and zoom in, you'd see the individual pixels.
If you use an imaging program to shrink the graphic, it makes some calculations that "average" neighboring pixels together to create an image with smaller dimensions. But if you wanted to enlarge the graphic, the imaging program would take the existing pixels, perform some calculations, and add in lots of extra pixels to make the image larger. This usually results in a blurry picture.
Vector graphics are made up of points that define lines and curves.The great thing about vector graphics is that, because you're only dealing with points and lines, you can enlarge them quite easily without any loss of detail.
Unnecessary contact us for the following reasons :
- Request a logo not online
- To group all the logos in a monster zip
- Request vector cliparts from the past weeks